Mohammad Aljasem: Illusion - djent metal metalcore rock - kuwait guitarist based in Melbourne

Illusion by Mohammad Aljasem

Guitars and Synths by Mohammad Aljasem
Bass by Emilio Artaega
Drums by Khalid Almansour and Andrew Scott
Synths by Joel Adams
Special thanks to my family, friends, fans and all the people who contributed and helped in order to make this happen.
Mohammad Aljasem used on this Record:
Esp Guitars
Seymour Duncan

1. We Are 01:02
2. Perseverance 05:30
3. Melinda Page 04:03
4. Interlude 01:32
5. Illusion March 05:09
6. AM 03:54

Debut Release
released August 5, 2015

Recorded and Engineered by Emilio Arteaga and Joel Adams "2014"
Produced by Andrew Scott
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic "Systematic Production"