Romain Berger: Solipsism - Therefore a Part of my Unconscious Does - bass by Christine Lanusse:

Here is a video clip of my bass part for "Therefore a Part of my Unconscious Does" from "Solipsism" by Romain Berger, I'm really happy that I've been invited to play for this project, I really love to play this music
You can find the whole album here :

Solipsism by Romain Berger
1. [4:41] I must conclude that my or perhaps even our collective environment is only a pseudo-environment. 02:57
2. [4:41] Therefore a part of my unconscious does 05:10
3. [4:74] You're in the labyrinth, but Ariadne's thred is your imagination02:06
4. [4:103] but both would share a world made up from both previous separate world 04:32

released September 21, 2015

All music composed/recorded/mixed/mastered by Romain Berger.
Bass played and recorded by Christine Lanusse

tags: metal rock djent instrumental progressive shred Paris

Thank you so much Sylvain Sangla for filming & video editing!
Recorded with :
Elkine bass : Aguilar OPB-3 preamp - Benedetti Mercadal bridge pickup and EMG HZ neck pickup
Tonehammer DI box

Therefore a Part of my Unconscious Does - Solipsism bass part