Hollan Holmes: The Spirits Of Starlight - ambient electronica berlin school from Texas

The Spirits Of Starlight by Hollan Holmes
1. Impulse 07:06 2. Constant Velocity 05:47
3. An Uninvited Guest 06:19
4. Enduro 07:07
5. Pale Blue Dot 06:25
6. Scattered Across The Heavens 08:45
7. The Departure 06:25
8. The Spirits Of Starlight 07:09
9. The Eternal Cosmos 08:03

My fourth album release and the follow-up to Phase Shift, which was nominated for One World Music's 2013 Electronic Album Of The Year.
released July 1, 2014

Composed by Hollan Holmes
Mastered by Chad Kettering at Soniclayers Mastering, Dallas TX
CD art and layout by Hollan Holmes