Valentina Lisitsa: Scriabin Poème Satanique Op.36 and Op.41

This is NOT some sweet Chopin-like Scriabin, this is definitely a worthy heir to Liszt Mephisto pieces.
You can hear it all - the whirlwind waltz, Devil's trills, seduction of less than 5 minutes and 10 million notes:)
My favorite piece now:-)

Scriabin CD is now available :

Free sheet music of this piece here, on IMSLP Library page :

Recorded September 5-9 2015 at the wonderful

My heartfelt thanks to ©MDR Klassik Symphony Orchestra
and personally to Franziska Simon for letting me use their great piano.
And to Echoschall Verleih for best-sounding microphones.

Scriabin Poème Satanique Op.36 Valentina Lisitsa

Scriabin Poeme Op.41 Valentina Lisitsa