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A Head Full Of Moonlight
by Good Tiger
Elliot Coleman
Derya Nagle
Joaquin Ardiles
Alex Rüdinger
Morgan Sinclair

1. Where Are The Birds 03:31
2. Snake Oil 03:39
3. Enjoy The Rain 03:41
4. I Paint What I See 03:42
5. Aspirations 03:35
6. Latchkey Kids 04:24
7. All Her Own Teeth 04:05
8. Understanding Silence 03:26
9. '67 Pontiac Firebird 04:52

released November 6, 2015

Copyright Good Tiger 2015

VF Artist Rudinger performs "All Her Own Teeth" by Good Tiger from their debut album 'A Head Full Of Moonlight'!

Mixing was done by Adam 'Nolly' Getgood. Additional engineering was done by Derya Nagle who makes a surprise appearance in the background.

#vf2B - American Classic® 2B

#vfVKB2 - VicKick Beaters™ (Wood)


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I used my Tama B/B with a slightly different configuration. Specs are as followed -

10x7 Rack Tom
14x12 Floor Tom
16x14 Floor Tom
20x16 Bass Drum

14x6.5 Bell Brass Re-Issue Snare (my new favorite snare drum ever)

Meinl Cymbal Setup is as followed (from left to right if sitting behind the kit) -

18" Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
13" Byzance Fast Hats
10" MB20 Rock Splash
22" M-Series Medium Ride
19" Byzance Brilliant Medium/Thin Crash
18" Byzance Brilliant China

You can also see me rockin' my new Vratim drum shoes in red! Best shoes I've ever played in. They come in a variety of colors, make sure to check them out!

Performance Spotlight: Alex Rudinger - "All Her Own Teeth"