News: Porter & Davies Gear On Lianna La Havas Tour With Jay Sikora, Drums & James Wyatt, Keyboards

Porter & Davies Gear On Lianna La Havas Tour
With Jay Sikora, Drums & James Wyatt, Keyboards

Both the Porter & Davies BC2 and the KT Platform have been accompanying Grammy nominated Lianne La Havas on her latest European tour. Jay Sikora (Drums & BC2) and James Wyatt (Keyboards & KT Platform) have been backing her soulful vocals and nimble guitar work throughout the tour.

Jay, who is also the tour musical director, has been using the BC2 for about six months now. He said, “It's definitely become something I rely on for monitoring. The sensitivity is awesome... Love the 'low contour' function….means I can roll off the sustain/resonance without annoying our monitor engineer! Drumming is all about feel and the BC2 facilitates exactly that. Double thumbs-up!”

He uses the BC2 on a slide out shelf, so if he needs to take it for other shows or practising he can just pop it in its flight case. Not only does he route the kick and bass guitar through it, he also puts the floor tom and SPD-SX / MainStage samples through as well. Because everything is live with the album specific samples and sound being triggered on the SPD-SX and the MainStage rig, the BC2 allows both Jay and keyboardist James to get a tactile response from these sounds so they come alive on stage.

James has been using the KT Platform, originally designed to provide bass players with a full and faithful transfer of sound by bone conduction to enable them to feel and hear internally what they play.

He explained how he uses the KT Platform “I’m having the most wonderful time: I’ve been experimenting with which combination of things to have in the Platform. I’ve ended up putting my Fender Rhodes, the Nord pianos, kick, snare, SPD pad, both rack and floor toms, bass and violin ALL in my platform. My gigging experience has increased greatly.”
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