Paul Lawler: Contagion by Arcane available on bandcamp

by Arcane

1. Rise 04:57
2. Cruiser 05:42
3. Pier Theme 05:33
4. Catacomb 05:04
5. The Gathering 06:02
6. Sundown 06:44
7. Hawthorn 05:42
8. Carpathian Carnival 05:06
9. Contagion - End Titles 07:44
10. Album Trailer (free) 10:22

I have included a full album trailer instead of having streaming tracks. This unfortunate situation is due to persistent piracy. The tracks appear in the correct order, so there will be no confusion which track snippet you are hearing.

Instruments used on this album:
Dotcom System 110
Minimoog Voyager Xl
Roland JU-06
Korg MS-20
Eurorack System
Buchla Easel
Serge Animal
Arp 2600
Minimoog Model D
PRS Guitar
and a selection of Virtual Instruments.
released December 17, 2015
tags: berlin school electronic soundtrack world music electronic musicUnited Kingdom