Tonick Dizain: Leda guitar playthroughs - Far East Dizain 1 and 2 - progressive Djent from Japan

TONICK DIZAIN [w / DVD, Limited Edition]
01. Industry - Karmar -
02. Cry My Name From The Light
03. Memorize
04. The War Went On
05. Blank Space
06. Illest
07. I'm a Human Just Like You
08. Ichiru
09. mirage
10. Super Moon
The supplementary DVD of the Limited Edition, in addition to the "Cry My Name From The Light" image of the FED's first MV and the feat of each member. version of a total of five patterns, even rare off shot at the time of shooting Add included!

Leda Guitar lyric / FAR EAST DIZAIN 2

Leda Guitar lyric / FAR EAST DIZAIN 1