The Gentle Storm: Play guess the guitarist on new audio clip.

Picture Palace Music: Announce new live date.

Alex Argento: Has a new CME XKey in his studio.

Maestro Mistheria: Posts amazing video of rehearsals of Vivaldi's Winter to YouTube.

Special Providence: Post amazing new track to YouTube.

Paul Lawler: Posts teaser for new Arcane album to YouTube.

Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson posts about the new musical he has hatched based on the life of the original Jethro Tull.

Dream Theater, Rush: John Petrucci and Geddy Lee appear on That After Show together.

Rush: 2112 to be re-released on vinyl with special etched hologram.

Paul Lawler: Posts video of getting Moog sounds form his new Arrick modular.

Genesis: New interview with Mike Rutherford published.

IQ: Win four awards at the Classic Rock Society 'Best of the Year' Awards.

Lifesigns: New live date announced.