Dream Theater: Euro Tour dates and John Petrucci demos his Sterling by Music Man JP70

Kamelot: Europe tour dates 2015

I built the sky: Fibratus - great progressive synth

Symphony X: Underworld - CLEAR 2-LP Gatefold pre order!

Trifonic: Ninth Wave - relaxed electronica - glitch, dub bass and miasmic ambience

Sparkles*: The Solution Phase one - experiment in minimal, ambient electronic music

Tiasu: Rising - new album of game synth driven tunes

Sergey Boykov: Eyes On High OSV - featuring Marcel Coenen

Andy Pickford: Vapour - Images of ships from EVE Online

Totemtag: Lights on Ceres - Berlin school of synth

Neo Zonk: Ai Onuma, Nagasaki Sachiko: Neo-Zonk twin keyboard progressive unit live

Luna Umegaki: live performance of Lu7

Andy Pickford: Asgard 2012 - Chillout Mix

George Whitty: First Solo Album - Pledge Music!