Widek: Journey To The Stars - top notch metal ambient atmospheric cinematic djent

Interiors: Constant Parallels - 7 string progressive metal ambidjent

WNDFRM: Underwolcen - A Technical Sequence Of Aestethic Emphasis

Zircon: Identity Sequence - electronic progressive cyberpunk

islnds: new album "History Of Robots" with Chris Letchford and Joey from The Reign Of Kindo

Praying Mantis: 'The One' from the new album Legacy - great AOR

theDuham: Crescendo - D Charles - Ambient Progressive

Entheogenic: A Singularity Encoded by Piers Oak-Rhind

ARC: Arclight - DiNDDL17 featuring Ian Boddy, Mark Shreeve -

Ying Yang Monks: Graviton Ride - HYPNOISE - electronic psytrance from Mexico

Ghost: Cirice - upcoming pre order - classy progressive rock

Lalu: Live at P60