The Arusha Accord: Nightmares Of The Ocean EP - gjent progressive metal from United Kingdom

Carbon Based Lifeforms: World Of Sleepers - ambient psybient Sweden

Helios: Yume - ambient electronic from United States

Cloudkicker: Woum - ambient instrumental progressive from Pittsburgh

Asuntar: Back to dawn - electronic soundscapes from Poland

Green Isac Orchestra: Green Isac Orchestra - alternative ambient from United States

Hollan Holmes: The Spirits Of Starlight - ambient electronica berlin school from Texas

Arcane: Quarantine berlin school electronica from United Kingdom

SpiralDreams: Dreams & Visions - berlin school electronica from Hungary

Perge: Scattered Thoughts - berlin school ambient electronic from United Kingdom

Kresimir Markov: Short Cuts - ambient atmospheric berlin school from Croatia

Eden's Curse: complete writing for the fifth album

Altonus: A Way Out - pre order for progress EP