Drewsif Stalin: Conquer All - JST Conquer All Impulses Demo

Here's a demo for Joey Sturgis's "Conquer All" guitar and bass impulse responses. Definitely quickly earned a spot in my favorites!

Go check it out here:

This demo has no post processing on the guitar channel.
I used the 6505 Poweramp and the Recto cab with the 201 through the NV preamp for this demo. The bass is also using the same, as well as the bass cab in parallel!

I'm playing a Fransen Guitars Fawkes 6 String with Bare Knuckle Pickups Emerald's in Drop C tuning through (using Ernie Ball Light top-Heavy bottom strings) an Airis Effects Savage Drive (Rhythm) and a Pro Tone Deadhorse (Lead) into an Axe-FX II

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Drewsif Stalin - Conquer All (JST Conquer All Impulses Demo)