Anthony Phillips: Wise After The Event: 4 Disc Deluxe Box Set

Hawkwind: The Machine Stops: Limited 180g Vinyl Edition

Lowercase Noises: Ambient guitar - The Slow Spaces Tour 2016

Mob Rules: On The Edge - Taken from the new album "Tales From Beyond"

Myrath: on Morow - Filmed and interviewed by JP Courbatze Paris

Myrath: Nobody's Lives and live show from Hammamet

Anima Tempo: Caged in Memories - Art of Deception - progressive melodic metal from Mexico

Zaphire: Ashes Bury Sorrow - progressive metal from Solan,India

Tiberius: Owls & Hexcodes playthrough

Oneironaut: Oneironaut - ambient instrumental progressive metal from Florida

Pitts/MInnemann Project: "The Peacekeeper" Tom Geldschläger: Fountainhead - Playthrough

Totemtag: Hypnoscapes - Berlin School

Jordan Rudess: Schizia-Jordia - Kurzweil K2600 Demo

Annie Grunwald: Indiegogo - Shamanic electronic EP

Docker's Guild: New Album gets a CD Release

Alex Argento: now officially a new member of the Roland family!

PJ d'Atri: Bach - stunning interpretations of Bach's music

Totemtag: Gravitational Wave Sequences

Jordan Rudess: GeoShred Patch Showcase : Lead Echo Wah

Dream Theater: video highlights The Palladium, London, 18.02.2016

Myrath: Believer - Great progressive metal from France and Tunisia

King King: Waking Up Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham 2016.

Inglorious: start their UK tour on Sunday 21 February

Schroeder-Headz: Blue Bird from Synesthesia

Joey Alexander: 12 year old to perform at the Grammys

Totemtag: Hybrids - Berlin School

Rammstein: Chicago Open Air has announced headlining acts for 2016

Pendragon: The MO20 Tour is coming...

Korg: Hell's Bells KORG Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

Rick Wakeman: Legends Of King Arthur 2016

Adam Rafowitz: Perpetual Motion and Bloom - progressive metal from Boston

Persona: female-fronted progressive metal band from Tunisia.

Arctic Void: Sign to Prog Power - Details of the upcoming debut album announced

Endless: The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity new album on Prog Power label

Nad Sylvan: launches video for 'Where the Martyr Carved His Name'

Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown: team up for a series of co-headlining shows this May

Jordan Rudess: GeoShred Patch Showcase : Petrucci Finger Swell