Adam Rafowitz: Perpetual Motion and Bloom - progressive metal from Boston

Allow Adam to seduce you with this guitar playthrough of Perpetual Motion.

Sound Struggle

1. Strongth 06:58
2. The Disease 06:30
3. Perpetual Motion 06:23
4. Rotating Door 08:50
5. Rise 07:03
6. Tempest 05:04
7. Close Your Eyes 06:04
8. Suspended 08:49
9. Pretzel 07:03
10. 649 05:21

Rise was written and recorded in the span of one year. Writing started in September of 2014 and we have now finished in September 2015. Sound Struggle is very much a DIY band, all production, engineering, mixing and mastering was done by members of Sound Struggle, and all the music was performed by Sound Struggle. The result is an album that is as perfect as we could make. So please, enjoy and thank you so much for listening in!

Sound Struggle
released September 25, 2015

Guitar/Vocals: Cameron Rasmussen
Keys/Backup Vocals: Joey Izzo
Guitar: Adam Rafowitz
Tenor Sax/EWI: Michael Bozdeck
Bass: Joe Calderone
Drums: Matthieu Danesin

Written, Arranged and Produced by Sound Struggle
Engineered by Joey Izzo and Cameron Rasmussen
Mixed and Mastered by Joey Izzo
Artwork by Julia Gaspar

Very special thanks to Aresh Banaji, Tuan Do, Shaun Ezrol, Jeremy Smith-Sebasto, Adam Bently, and Sam Harchik

Adam Rafowitz - Perpetual Motion - Guitar Playthrough

Adam Rafowitz – Bloom – Guitar Playthrough .strandberg* Boden OS7