Alex Argento: now officially a new member of the Roland family!

Alex Argento with Roland and ROLAND Germany.
Hey friends,
I'm extremely proud to share with you all that I'm officially a new member of the Roland family!
During the last months I had the chance to test and use some their products extensively on my projects and I must say I was completely blown away by the versatility and the quality of its sounds!
To be honest , at the beginning I was skeptical to use a completely new keyboard setup (very different from my previous one except for my beloved and faithful Roland JD-800)...but I was wrong and now I'm completely addicted to it!
Moreover (and I feel the need to underline it) Roland never asked me to use their products exclusively, it's not their policy, it was my choice to use from now only Roland gear mainly because i really don't feel the need to use anything else smile emoticon
I'm really honoured, blessed and excited to have started this collaboration with this great company who really made the HISTORY in making some of the finest synthesizers ever during the last four decades.
A special thanks goes to the one and only Atsushi Shimizu (Roland Japan) who started it all and gave me this amazing opportunity, to Max Fattori andGiovanni Mangione (Roland Central Europe) for their constant support and huge patience to satisfy my requests.

My full keyboard setup (from left to right):
Roland JD-XA, Roland JD-800, Roland Jupiter 80, Roland A800-Pro, Roland FA-08, Roland JD-990 Rack with SR-JV80-04 Vintage Synth exp. card.

More news from my "Roland world" coming soon...Stay tuned! wink emoticon

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