Nad Sylvan: launches video for 'Where the Martyr Carved His Name'

Nad had this to say: "The most interesting aspect of prog-rock, is that you're never safe.
Not musically or lyrically. This is where funk, soul, rock, symphony and musical get new life in the prog melting pot. My musical background comes forth into the present, refined with one of life's real song birds - Nick Beggs, who also is one of the main cornerstones on the whole album. You like drama? This one's for you. And hold on to your heads..."

'Courting The Widow' received fantastic reviews upon release, with Prog Magazine calling it "an exquisite epic and an unabashed treat", while Powerplay called it "a treasure box of sparkling gems". A trailer for the album was put together featuring samples of the album and you can check that out here

The full track-listing is as follows:
1.Carry Me Home
2.Courting The Widow
3.Echoes Of Ekwabet
4.To Turn The Other Side
5.Ship's Cat
6.The Killing Of The Calm
7.Where The Martyr Carved His Name
8.Long Slow Crash Landing

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The main character - the widow herself, is a symbol of death - and is to be courted through every song, one way or another. It is indeed a dark album, but full of loving light"