Oneironaut: Oneironaut - ambient instrumental progressive metal from Florida

Jeff Pogan, Mike Pupillo: Oneironaut by Oneironaut - ambient instrumental progressive metal from Florida

Oneironaut by Oneironaut

1.Anoxia 01:15
2. Sphex 01:54
3.Apogee 04:38
4. Illusive 02:25

5.Culminate 05:22

6.YOD 03:46

7.Nadir 03:07

8.Harvester 04:17

9.Apsis 02:34

10.Umbra (Shadow Complex pt. I) 05:05

11.Penumbra (Shadow Complex pt. II)01:28

12.Antumbra (Shadow Complex pt. III)05:34

Oneironaut is a 4 piece progressive instrumental band out of Southwest Florida.
We hope you enjoy listening as mush as we enjoyed writing it.

Physical copies available soon
released September 23, 2015

Bill Pogan - Drums
Jeff Pogan - Guitar
Mike Pupillo - Guitar
Justin Pupillo - Bass

Engineered and Mixed by Bill and Jeff Pogan at Newlab Studios
Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Studios.

Artwork and layout done by Bill Pogan

Dual Guitar playthrough of "Umbra", our 10th track off of our debut album!

Featuring Mike Pupillo and Jeff Pogan and our .strandberg* Boden 7 string guitars.

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Oneironaut - "Umbra" Dual Guitar Playthrough

Oneironaut // Apogee // Full band playthrough HD