Band Geek: Karn Evil 9 - Tribute to Keith Emerson

Vasudeva: on Audiotree Live math rock from New Jersey

Vangelis: Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou

Totemtag: The Secret Garden - Berlin School

Kozo Tsuji: Jens Johansson Straffpolska fran SUDAN keyboard solo cover KORG KRONOS

John Bassett: postrock progressive shoegaze from Hastings

News: Voyager, Leprous & Earthside European tour 2016

Ben Craven: To Release Third Album “Last Chance To Hear” featuring William Shatner and Billy Sherwood

The Elba Triangle: teaser for the massive rock fusion project featuring some of the best rock fusion players on the planet

Valentina Lisitsa: Chopin Ballade No.1, Op.23 G Minor

Soto: Divak - dee-vock complete their 2nd studio album featuring vocalist Jeff Scott Soto

Totemtag: Cosmputer "Akasha" - Berlin School

More Project 2: No Quarter

Dino Fiorenza,Fabrizio Leo,Mistheria : One Step - melodic tapped bass composition

Wild Rose: the new AOR album announced

Persona Non Grata: Confirm Your Humanity - new progressive metal album released

Yuja Wang: Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3 in C major, Op. 26

Tarja : No Bitter End - Snippet - Album "The Shadow Self" OUT

John Petrucci: Interview at Alte Oper Frankfurt 2016

Yuja Wang: plays Bartók : Piano Concerto No. 2

Shining Pyramid: ProGuiTronica new album Shining Pyramid from progressive rock outfit based in London

Jordan Rudess: Linea Rock Interview by Barbara Caserta

Blind Existence: Hurricane new 4 track EP - progressive metal band from Pesaro Italy

Haken: Initiate - taken from the album "Affinity". Inside Out Music 2016 - great progressive metal

Tony MacAlpine: Napoleon's Puppet live on EMGtv

Counter-World Experience: Pulsar Album Teaser - great melodic progressive metal

Stick Men: featuring Tony Levin, Markus Reuter , David Cross - Live at Billboard, Tokyo, 10 April 2015

Anderson,Stolt: Lalle Larsson to feature on Anderson,Stolt's new album 'Invention Of Knowledge'

Naia Izumi: Never let them tame you - new EP - ambient math rock Los Angeles

Jordan Rudess: Homage to Sir George

Johannes Schmoelling: Midnight In Tula from the classic Tangerine Dream album White Eagle.

Jens Johansson: interview by TNT Radio 2015

Kozo Tsuji: Jens Johansson Hooded Strangers Korg Kronos

Myrath: get a release date for their Legacy Album

Tarja Turunen: announces the release of her new heavy rock album “The Shadow Self”.

Jordan Rudess: Tarkus - tribute to the late Keith Emerson.

Frost*: announce release of long-awaited new album 'Falling Satellites'

Stick Men: Prog Noire Tour dates 2016

Loom: Emerald Suite - Live in Berlin, 2016

Prismmind: track from upcoming debut album - progressive metal

Paul Lawler: Buchla System-7 and Easel creating Epic Orchestra and Choir!

Lords Of Black: II the new album details - melodic rock

Punky Meadows: Former Angel guitarist announces Debut Solo Album "Fallen Angel"

The Defiants: Waiting On A Heartbreak - top line Melodic Rock!

Keith Emerson: dead at 71 RIP

Klaus Schulze: featuring Lisa Gerrard - Dziękuję Bardzo 2008