Tangerine Dream: Live - The Electric Mandarine Tour

Enjoy the whole set 2 of the Zürich concert in one clip (May, 7th 2012). This recording is dedicated to all fans of TD. See also TD's website (http://tangerinedream-music.org/) for the official DVD release of the EMT.

Set list:
1. Ricochet
2. Hoël Dhat The Alchemist
3. Lady Monk
4. Long Island
5. Blue Bridge
6. Alchemy Of The Heart
7. Warsaw In The Sun
8. Horizon
9. Teetering Scale
10. Transition
11. Girl On The Stairs
12. Loved By The Sun
13. Stratosfear 2005
14. Sally’ s Garden
15. Vivaldi's Four Seasons – Movement Three: “Summer”
16. Phaedra 2012

Thanks to you all for your comments. Unfortunately, since YouTube linked with Google+ I am no longer able to answer each comment individually as I used to do in the past - I hope for your understanding. However, I appreciate and still read any comment. So, thanks to you for taking the time to view the video and commenting on it.

Tangerine Dream Live - The Electric Mandarine Tour