Leah: Project Aegis - Angel In The Ashes [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"Angel in the Ashes" - new song!

Well hi there!

I hope you are well.

A little while ago my friend Matt Smith (Theocracy) asked me to be part of this new charity song he was writing and putting together, featuring several guest singers. Of course I said yes :)

And today the song is released!

I'm singing all the background female choirs and you might even spot me in a few places in the video!

Matt said, "I've been wanting to do another charity single since we had such a great experience the first time around," says Smith. "The challenge was finding the time and the appropriate cause, as well as putting together a lineup worthy of the caliber of talent we had on the last song. I think we did it!"

"The song is about someone who decides to take that first step to help a person in a dark or dangerous situation. I was talking to some friends of mine who live in Greece, and every weekend they help feed the huge number of poor, homeless and refugee families in that area. It's a massive need, and the dollar you spend on this song can make a huge difference in providing a hot meal or a blanket for someone. It's a very worthy cause, and everyone involved in the track freely gave their time and talent to make this happen. We hope you enjoy it!"