Ty Tabor, John Myung, Rod Morgenstein: Stain On The Sun - The Jelly Jam

The Jelly Jam will release their epic new album Profit on 27th May 2016 via Music Theories Recordings.

Pre-order: http://smarturl.it/TheJellyJam-MLG

Ty Tabor about 'Stain On The Sun':

"Stain On The Sun was an attempt to bring heaviness into musical form without relying on mainstays such as electric guitar distortion or volume. This is essentially an acoustic song that explores heaviness on a different level."

"Stain On The Sun is the second chapter of the Prophet's journey. He recognizes that mundane life and it's redundancy can consume a person's world to such a degree that it becomes difficult to think about things outside of one's own existence. He asks a single question..."

The Jelly Jam, featuring DREAM THEATER’s John Myung, WINGER/DIXIE DREGS' (live) Rod Morgenstein and KING’S X Ty Tabor, will return in 2016 with a new album and their first ever world tour.

Profit is a glorious and affecting cinematic experience; full of suspense, the record follows the heroic yet daunting journey of The Prophet who, inspired by a deep sense of responsibility embarks on a mission to try and save the world, to open the eyes of Those Who Will Not See.

The Jelly Jam will support their latest album with a full tour (dates to be announced). As guitarist Ty Tabor explains, “This album is without a doubt the most special moment the band has ever had together and we must make touring real this year to support this album.”

Profit is now available to pre-order from the MLG store. The 180 grams vinyl is limited to 2000 copies, and comes with a downloadcard.