Gattobus: Roland JD-XA DEMO 20 covers in 20 minutes

Lalle Larsson: New album in the making!

Frost*: premiere video for 'Numbers'

Tatyana Dichenko: Performs Etude-Tableaux No. 9 Opus 39 By Sergei Rachmaninov

Jordan Rudess: Keith Emerson Official Tribute Tarkus

Adon Fanion: Lassétude - Piano Solo

Austin Peralta: CAB - Temperamental a fitting tribute to a master keyboard player

Salome Scheidegger: Comptine d'Un Autre Eté: L' Après-Midi

Pete Pachio: Bad Karma progressive metal EP from Chicago - includes limited edition physical CD

Katatonia: launches "The Fall of Hearts" full album stream with bonus tracks teaser and tour dates

Keith Emerson: Lighthearted moments with Marc Bonilla & Terje Mikkelsen

The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project: "Live in Colombia" - Personal statement by Alan Parsons

Universal Mind Project: Truth from the The Jaguar Priest - Progressive Melodic Metal

DGM: The Passage - top notch progressive melodic metal

Ayreon: launch 'Day Two: Isolation' clip from 'The Theater Equation'

Alan Parsons Symphonic Project: "Live In Colombia" Trailer

Big Jesus: SP - melodic progressive rock

Totemtag: One Night in Countryside

Pink Floyd: A set of stamps celebrating 50 years of British rock group have been unveiled by Royal Mail.

Hypertoad: God please destroy humanity - progressive math metal from Saint Petersburg

Cairo: Silent Winter - featuring Mark Robertson’s stellar keyboard work

Stick Men: Prog Noir Tour Chapter Two

Vivaldi Metal Project: Official Trailer #2

Vivaldi Metal Project: announces release date!

Tangerine Dream: 9 days to go on fundraiser for the first feature-length documentary about Tangerine Dream.

Kozo Tsuji: Dream Theater Innocence Faded guitar solo cover ROLI Seaboard Grand KORG KRONOS

Ghost Iris: V I S T Λ by promo playthrough progressive djent

Andreas Šala: Releases Play-Through Video for New Song “Hue”

Eden's Curse: return to the UK for a full headline tour in support of their fifth studio album

JMP: Hollowed-Out Planetoid - new album of awesome prog-inspired guitar metal from Reading

Vivaldi Metal Project: Michael Angelo Batio added to the project!

Condition Red: Illusion Of Truth featuring Lars Eric Mattsson, Alex Masi, Derek Sherinian

TILT: Hinterland - Featuring Robin Boult, David Stewart and Steve Vantsis from prog legend FISH's band

Perturbator: The Uncanny Valley - vintage synths darksynthsynthwave Paris

Adam Bentley: Absently - Open Mind - full album stream ambient progressive instrumental Metal from Boston

Jordan Rudess: Greetings Mr. Fripp - GeoShred

Valentina Lisitsa: Liszt Liebestraum "Love Dream" "Грёзы Любви"

Andy Pickford: Break from the album Vanguard 2

Moog: Minimoog Model D Pilot Production

Alan Parsons: Symphonic Project "Don't Answer Me"

Jordan Rudess: takes you through how to play a basic scale on GeoShred

Totemtag: Battlefield - Battle and War against all that which is Shit in this humanity