Perturbator: The Uncanny Valley - vintage synths darksynthsynthwave Paris

1. Neo Tokyo 04:13
2. Weapons For Children 05:26
3. Death Squad 04:24
4. Femme Fatale (Feat. Highway Superstar) 05:34
5. Venger (Feat. Greta Link) 05:08
6. Disco Inferno 06:09
7. She Moves Like A Knife 05:33
8. Sentient (Feat. Hayley Stewart) 05:32
9. Diabolus Ex Machina 04:39
10. Assault 04:08
11. The Cult Of 2112 03:58
12. Souls At Zero (Feat. Astronoid) 06:20
13. The Uncanny Valley 06:54

Tokyo - 2112 A.D.

Neon glyphs flash across the alley - blinking kanji. Hues of garish pink and red emerge, language of the night. Your android partner: a deadly weapon, just like you. She’s draped in the radiance, wearing it as camouflage. A prototype: lithe, oblique, next-gen fatale. Your last faith in humanity and the only soul you can trust.

After the War Against Machines, factions of the Cult remain. Dismantling what little technological trust mankind retains.

The black church is where they recruit their fanatics. Destroy them.

A futile mission. A deadly trap. A four year descent into a sinuous labyrinth with no escape.
released May 6, 2016

All tracks written, performed and produced by James “Perturbator” Kent.
All illustrations by Ariel Zucker-Brull.

Vocals on track 05 by Greta Link.
Vocals on track 08 by Hayley Stewart.
Vocals on track 12 by Astronoid.
Additional synths on track 04 by Highway Superstar.

Story written by James “Perturbator” Kent, Cihan Narin and Blood Music.

Special thanks goes to : Dan Terminus, GosT, Lilas Rahm, Dylan Hyard, Mathias Leonard, Rita and Blood Music

Released by Blood Music.
© & ℗ 2016 Blood Music · All Rights Reserved.