The Algorithm: Brute Force - Heavy Computer Music.

Brute Force
by The Algorithm

1.boot 03:27
2.floating point 05:07
3.pointers 04:39
4.brute force 05:21
5.userspace 06:15
6.shellcode 04:24
7.hex 05:03
8.deadlock feat. Igorrr 02:33
9.rootkit 04:47
10.trojans (hard mode) 04:21

Secure those passwords, people! French electro-metal artist THE ALGORITHM is coming to hack into your brain with his new album BRUTE FORCE on April 1st, 2016.

Marking the next patch update for THE ALGORITHM (masterminded by producer Remi Gallego), BRUTE FORCE is 10 tracks that plunge even further into the unexpected, unthinkable and unbelievable. Named after the digital cryptography attack that attempts to gain access to passwords with a barrage of varied password attempts, this album will work you in every way possible until you open up. Delivered by an unhinged, humorous and abrasive mix of soundscapes, BRUTE FORCE is an impressively cohesive genre mash of Metal, Rock, EDM, Synthwave, Djent and sheer lunacy that can hardly be described.

We call it - Heavy Computer Music.
BRUTE FORCE follows the groundbreaking records Polymorphic Code and Octopus 4, which redefined crossover music for the 21st century winning THE ALGORITHM the ‘Best Underground Act’ award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods in 2013 and creating huge demand for tours all over the globe - including North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and more.
Get ready to execute BRUTE FORCE .exe.
released April 1, 2016