Valentina Lisitsa: Wagner - Liszt Liebestod Tristan & Isolde

Wagner - Sheet
Death of Isolde from the opera "Tristan and Isolde" Texts the below in English, German, Russian Softly and gently how of he smiles free, how of a His eyes fondly the open -do you see, friends? Do you not see? How of he shines the ever Brighter. haloed-the Star Rising Higher the Do not you see? ............ the to Drown, to founder - Unconscious - the utmost bliss! the Mild und leise wie er lächelt, wie das Auge the hold er öffnet -seht ihr's, Freunde? Seht ihr's nicht? Immer Lichter wie er leuchtet, stern-umstrahlet hoch hebt sich? Seht ihr's nicht? ...... ... ertrinken, versinken, - unbewusst, - ! höchste Lust Here he gently smiled ... Quiet eyes opened a beautiful ... Oh, look! We see you? Everything is brighter it shines, up flies in the twinkling stars ... We see you? in the heart of the proud how much life! complete happiness chest trembles, and breath, almost trembling, gently blows on lips ... Hush ... See ..! Or not clear to you? Or one must I hear this song strange sounds - crying bliss, says it all - the song of the world, the voice of a friend, affection wondrous distant beckoning me with an exalted ? sounds everywhere splash, melt ... That marshmallows quiet wave? or tears clouds of fragrant? Are growing legions of sounds .... I sigh there, or listen to, revel, deep down, il with ether blend sweet? .. The growth of the waves, elements in this song, in the infinite breath of worlds - to melt away, disappear, forget everything ... Oh, delighted !!!

Wagner - Liszt Liebestod Tristan & Isolde Valentina Lisitsa