Jordan Rudess, Tom Brislin, Diego Tejeida : Keyfest

KeyFest is the ultimate gathering for Keyboardists, Seaboardists and multitouch musicians of all ages and skill levels to gather and share their music, sounds, technique, and technology. Learn from, listen to and jam with Jordan Rudess, Tom Brislin (Renaissance, Yes (official), Meatloaf) and Diego Tejeida – (HAKEN)

Explore topics including playing keyboard leads, improvisation, technique, iOS programming, multitouch music apps, and next generation instruments like the ROLI Seaboard!
See schedule of events and all details HERE.

Jordan Rudess, best known as a member of the platinum-selling Grammy-nominated progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater is the virtuoso keyboardist, composer, music app developer and champion of new keyboard technologies.

KeyFest 2016 takes place July 18-22, 2016 at the elegantly rustic Full Moon Resort, in the Catskill Forest Preserve in Upstate New York.

Please use the code DREAMTHEATER at checkout for an exclusive 15% KeyFest discount during the month of June.