Valentina Lisitsa: F. Schubert Sonata A major D.959 Mov 2. Andantino and onata A major # 20 D.959

For the notes for the complete Sonata see here
I put this slow movement separately on purpose - because I can imagine that listening to an entire 45 minutes long piece is not an easy introduction to late pieces by Schubert, if this is your first try :)
In fact, this is EXACTLY how I "met" this marvelous sonata. I was something like 10 or 11 years of age and my teacher gave me a task to learn A major Schubert Sonata. Of course, he meant the early "little" sonata :) But, hey, I was a kid and had no idea.... I opened the score, looked with sheer horror at the amount of pages, poked at the first lines of the "easiest" movement to read....- and I have fallen in love with it forever. To make the long story short, I did learn the entire Sonata and played it without giving much thought to the pressure even the most "mature" pianists experience when TRYING to sound, well, mature! :-)
This must have been a comical sight, a little pixie with huge ribbons in her hair, dressed in "pioneer" ( Soviet equivalent of girlscouts) uniform, playing one of the most profound in its simplicity pieces ever written by Schubert. I promise to put photos on Facebook ;-)
I hope that you will get "infected" with this music to love it - and to love Schubert - as much as I do.

F. Schubert Sonata A major D.959 Mov 2. Andantino. Valentina Lisitsa

F. Schubert Sonata A major # 20 D.959 Valentina Lisitsa