Valentina Lisitsa: Gluck-Sgambati Melody from Orpheus

IF ONLY... If only the music could bring back the dead.
Orpheus, a legendary musician in ancient Greek myth, almost succeeded to bring back his beloved wife, Eurydice, from the netherworld, by sheer power of his music, which left no living creature - or even a stone, unmoved.
He died at the hands of those who could not hear his divine music.
IF ONLY... If only the music could fight the terror and hatred.
It can't. But it can offer us consolation and solace. And it can remind us that we are all human, we are all mortal,
- and it's only through our CIVILIZATION, CULTURE, MUSIC - we can live on after we are gone from the face of this Earth.
I dedicate this piece to the innocent victims of terror, to their families - be it in Nice or Paris, Iraq or Syria, Donbass or Orlando, Egypt, Turkey or Israel, without distinction whether they "earned" world's collective "#JeSuis..."and a flag on avatars, or suffered and died in anonymity as the world turned its collective blind eye away.
Listen and spare a moment of a thought or a prayer for those souls.

Gluck-Sgambati Melody from Orpheus Глюк Мелодия из "Орфея" Valentina Lisitsa