Burning Trail: Zayn - Pillowtalk - Recorded at The Noiz Faktory

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Director - Acacio Carvalho
Concept - Cati Domitrovich & Acacio Carvalho
Camera - Sam Grona, Rane Jackson & Acacio Carvalho
Producer - Acacio Carvalho
Associate Producer - Eric Meyer
Video Production - Vizius Digital Studio (http://www.vizius.net)

Produced, mixed and engineered by Acacio Carvalho
Assistant Engineer - Sam Grona
Mastering - Acacio Carvalho
Original Music - Zayn
Version - Burning Trail
Recorded at The Noiz Faktory (http://www.thenoizfaktory.com)

Special thanks to:
Angelica Meyer
Brad Domitrovich
PR Zealot
Patrick Devaney
Andrew Mynyk
J. Marie Hair

Burning Trail is:
Cati (Vocals)
Acacio (Drums)
Luke (Guitars)