Valentina Lisitsa: Scriabin Poème tragique Op.34 Скрябин Трагическая поэма

Oliver Eckelt: trenchdevil - The day when the world has changed - original instrumental rock/metal song

Loom: E-Live 2016 - Midnight in Tula

Senri Kawaguchi, Kiyomi Otaka: Chocoboo Live! and Trick or Treat

Salome Scheidegger: My Neighbor Totoro

BADASS: is proud to announce that Titta Tani is the new official singer.

Fabrizio Leo: Vivaldi Metal Project - exclusive full guitar solos preview!

Steve Hackett: The Total Experience Live In Liverpool DVD/CD

UFO: euro tour dates

Tangerine Dream: ARTE TV set to broadcast Margarete Kreuzer's documentary on Tangerine Dream for the first time

Seeker: US tour dates

Blank Manuskript: Austrian Prog Rockers touring UK this Halloween Weekend

Lalle Larsson, Rasmus Ehrnborn: solo duel in Kearney, NE 2016.

Eden's Curse: are today celebrating the release of their fifth studio album 'Cardinal'

Alessandro Bertoni: Nord Lead 3 synth solo with Lounsberry “Nigel” Pedal

Moses Sumney: Worth It | MOOG SOUND LAB

Lifesigns: Pledgemusic - Cardington - New Album has launched!

Tilted Axes: to appear as a Featured Musical Act in the 2016 NYC Village Halloween Parade

Mark Gibson: Arpeggios from hell on the Kronos!!

Philammon: Fusion produced by world renowned Alex Argento

Mistheria: Practicing Malmsteen's 'Magic Mirror' interlude with left hand

Motograter: sign to EMP to release Desolation, the bands highly-anticipated sophomore album

Flux Conduct: Yetzer Hara new album pre-order

News: Monster Energy AFTERSHOCK: Band Performance Times Announced For California's Biggest Rock Festival