S1gns of L1fe: Pathways to Ascension - ambient electronica psybient music from Los Angeles

Pathways to Ascension
by S1gns of L1fe

1. 12 Strand DNA Sequence 07:42
2. Fifth Dimensional Paradigm
3. Transcending Mental Stasis
4. Symmetry
5. Divine Particles
6. Hyperbolic
7. Etheric Reality
8. Astral Plane
9. Immortal Existence

Everything in the universe is vibration. Each one of us is ascending to a higher frequency. We are all divine particles. Spirits that are connected. Etheric reality is now becoming the only reality. The oneness in the universe connecting us all back to source.
Vibration is transcendence. Our evolution is the realization of our vibrational stasis and transcending from human being to planetary beings. The cosmic and mental shift from the physical to the astral plane. Higher dimensional thinking recodes our DNA to a 12 strand sequence. Eternal life on Earth. Reclaiming our immortal existence.
Pathways To Ascension.

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releases January 24, 2017
Written and Produced by Chris Bryant
Mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering
Graphic Design by Sten Backman at Great Big Container