Distant Dream: It All Starts From Pieces featuring Dhalif Ali, Stel Andre, Pellumb Qerimi, Widek

1.Sleeping Waves (feat. Dhalif Ali) 05:27
2.A Touch Of The Sky 04:57
3.Waiting For Silence 04:29
4.Reverse (feat. Stel Andre) 05:38
5.The Road To Memories 04:52
6.Cold Clouds (feat. Mike Salow) 04:43
7.Space Filled With Ether (feat. Pellumb Qerimi) 05:11
8.Timeless Colors 04:42

Debut album Distant Dream - It All Starts From Pieces.
Recorded by Marcin Majrowski, Distant Dream
Mixed & mastered by Widek at Nova Studio
Cover art design by Beyger