Gustaf Fjelstrom: The Peripheral Arc : Volume I

1. Revenant 05:13
2. Progenitor 05:16
3. Aeon Pulse 06:43
4. Chronometric 03:50
5. Emanation 06:34
6. Helioglyph 03:21
7. Vinculum 05:38
8. Nodus Locution 05:01

THE PERIPHERAL ARC : VOLUME I is accessible, challenging, engaging, and rich. Offering a wide range of textures and moods—often within the same song— the album is a rewarding listen for anyone who appreciates the experience of allowing music to provide an escape. This is a true “headphone record” in the vein of the great ones of the past.
This album is a journey under countless stars, over dark mountain passes, through blinding valleys of sonic sunshine and vibrant sci-fi neon labyrinths, into lush, misty forests of true serenity—and mystery.
The seamless fabric of ambient guitar washes and nostalgic analog synth textures envelop completely the dynamic and propellant drums and percussion, urging the listener ever-forward. Hauntingly longing vocal textures soar effortlessly over pulsing arpeggios—echoing distant forgotten memories. Luxurious synth bass conspires with gritty and aggressive bass guitar, anchoring the compositions with authority and weighty precision.
This is a collection of tracks that hangs together masterfully, making each track “belong” to the others in a cohesive whole, and it takes the diligent listener on a satisfyingly scenic journey as well—the view out the window is constantly changing.

Gustaf Fjelstrom is a San Francisco Bay Area artist, musician, and producer. As an independent artist focused on instrumental composition, Gustaf’s work thrives in the tangents between ambient, electronic, and post-rock music. THE PERIPHERAL ARC : VOLUME I follows up his EP DIAMETRIC (2016) and his last full-length LP INTENTION (2015).
released August 1, 2017
Gustaf Fjelstrom: Bass guitar, synthesizers
Mike Reppucci: Drums
Jessica Thompson: Vocals
Written, recorded, produced, mixed, and designed by Gustaf Fjelstrom
Drums recorded by Christopher Scott Cooper at Blue Seven Audio
Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering
tags: ambient electronic post-rock San Francisco