Fourth Dimension: The Perfect Form - psybient ambient electronica from Los Angeles

The Perfect Form
by Fourth Dimension

1. Equilibria
2. Filamentation 3. Ionization
4. Magnetization 06:32 
5. Fusion
6. Singularity
7. Halo
8. Transcending
9. The Perfect Form

Ionized gasses, free electrons and positive ions dance & flow together as stars ignite with transcendent fusion - plasma born of the perfect form. Enter the atmospheric world of Fourth Dimension as he returns to Synphaera Records with The Perfect Form, an album of provocative, minimal electronic ambient music.

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SYN09 © & Ⓟ 2017 Synphaera
All Rights Reserved
releases September 5, 2017

Written and Produced by Fourth Dimension
Vocal Recording on The Perfect Form by Chris Bryant

Mastered by Don Tyler at IO Mastering
Graphic Design by Sten Backman at Great Big Container
tags: ambient downtempo electronic electronica psybient space musicLos Angeles