Arch Echo: Tour Dates

Go see these guys on tour. Move over Dream Theater, a modern progressive fusion freight train coming through.

Richie Martinez - Drums - IG: @richiethedrummer
Joe Calderone - Bass - IG: @jcmusik08
Joey Izzo - Keyboards - IG: @joey.izzo
Adam Rafowitz - Guitar - IG: @adamrguitar
Adam Bentley - Guitar - IG: @abentleymusic
Arch Echo
Arch Echo tours Eastern US and Canada. Playing their debut album in its entirety!
11/3/2017 New Port, MN Opinion Brewery…
11/4/2017 Madison, WI Knuckle Down Saloon
11/5/2017 St. Louis, MO Fubar
11/6/2017 Chicago, IL Reggies
11/8/2017 Cleveland, OH The Odeon…/arch-echo-the-odeon-con…/7749395
11/9/2017 Toronto, ON Hard Luck
11/10/2017 Montreal, QB Piranha Bar
11/11/2017 Rochester, NY Cali Brew House
11/12/2017 Boston, MA Out of the Blue
11/14/2017 Brooklyn, NY Kingsland…
11/15/2017 Trenton, NJ Backstage at Champs
11/16/2017 Johnson City, TN Capone's…/arch-echo-avia…
11/18/2017 Nashville, TN Rocketown…